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Completed Novel – Dr. Laird MacMasters was coming out of Brazil after completely a four year research study in the Iaco River District. As he made his way up the tributaries of the Amazon, he dreamed of food – mounds and mounds of gourmet food…with a beautiful woman on top. The last four months had made him realize he missed spending time with a woman…not just for sex but for love and companionship.

Laird boarded the Holland American Prinsendam in Manaus to return to the States. After settling in, he finally had time to read his emails and make some calls. Learning his mother had died of lung cancer, he fell apart on the upper deck with only brandy as solace.

He found comfort with a former fashion model, Lillian Hensley, who appeared like an angel in a white gown. They had drinks and sex that night and in the morning, he found his angel had feet of clay and was also a drug addict trying to kick her habit.

For days, he watched her suffer as she went through a terrible detox. In a whirlwind of pain and passion, they were married 10 days later. Coming back to the states she had to turn here attention to her life that she let slip away as a drug addict. The stress of Lillian’s life would normally be enough for her turn back to her old habits but Laird kept her focused by his love and devotion.

Did Lillian have the determination to remain clean and sober? Did Laird have enough love to see her through her trials and tribulations? Would they let life rip them apart or would they believe in each other enough to overcome the pressures of the world?

Completed Novel - Ruby Rutledge 50 went to find Miracle Mud a cure for cellulite in the Costa Rican Mangrove Forest. He late husband knew of its existence. She needed a new challenge in her life and this would be her quest. She needed help from Dr. Alexander Symmington 35 world famous Botanist from the University of Chicago. She would ask for his help in exchange she would help fund his research.

Her trip to the mangrove forest was long and difficult but she made it when her guide dropped her off at the camp of her six day journey at dusk. The only thing Ruby could see was a campfire as she called out for Dr. Symmington only got a smart-ass answer, who wants to know. She thought he gets a whole lot of visitors out her in the middle of nowhere. She explained who she was as he jumped up and ran towards her realizing it was a stranger. Ruby tripped and stumbled over a log. He held out his hand to help her up when a spark passed between them. She looked into his eyes as he helped her up to see how young, lean and handsome he was. He looked in her jungle green eyes to see the epitome of womanhood.

Their journey of lust and adventure in the jungle lasted most of the summer until a hurricane came barreling down on top of them. Could they survive the storm or could they survive the aftermath? After such an intense love affair survive would the trauma of being alone be too much?

The Spark is now available at Kindle

A tall and handsome lawyer, Dingo Way, was sitting with his father, Wayne, when mid-conversation, the elder Mr. Way’s eyes rolled back and he was dead. Dingo had thought he would have more time with his dad and, in shock, in an attempt to drown his sorrows, he found himself at the door of Casey’s Bar. He took the only empty seat, which happened to be next to Bernadette Lucas, a lonely physical therapist. An intense conversation between them, helped along with some beers and tequila shots, was followed by a morning of clear, unadulterated sexual pleasure. As their budding relationship flourished, Dingo and Bernadette faced many adversities including death and heartbreak, fears and old wounds. Would each struggle pull them closer together and forge an unbreakable bond…or would the weight of it be more than their relationship could bear?  See my Videos about this book.

Way's Way is now available at Kindle

Sunny Franklin While traveling with friends on a cruise stopping in Cairo, discovers she wants to continue traveling solo in Africa while her friends return to the States. Sunny has been hiding her pain and suffering from others for her adult life. Now, at forty-three, Sunny is willing to break from the past and start anew.

Saying her farewells after taking quite a grilling from her friends. Sunny makes it to the Nile Hilton.  After checking in, she meets a striking couple who invite her for a late lunch. Howard Hanley from Dallas, Texas and Lady Caroline Bathmor from Cape Town, South Africa became very protective of this single woman traveling alone.

Sunny goes to Carolyn’s farm and then on to Cape Town. After weeks of nothing but being pampered with eating and drinking too much. Sunny strikes out on her own. After all, she came to Africa to be a solo act. She arrives in Botswana to go on safari in the Okavango Delta. The bush pilot who flies her to the camp is the hottest thing she had seen in years.

Jamie Bevins, a New Zealander, was working as a bush pilot.  He takes one look at Sunny even though she was older he fell for her on first sight. It took time for him to find her and then seduce her. They were married as quickly as there romance started.

On their first month anniversary, Jamie discovers a lump in Sunny’s breast. Their beautiful new life came thumbling down. Jamie had to clear his fears and concentrate or their love and her health. After a year of hell and together they found hope for the future. The journey of Sunny and Jamie is one you will love to explore as they turn doubt into resilience.  Enjoy their eternal love story.   See my Videos about this book.

Into The Bush is now available at Kindle

When trying to remedy a noise complaint from the night before, Alex Greenbrier sought out Satin Vickers in the hotel lounge to apologize. Both traveling through Copenhagen, Demark Satin graciously accepted his apology while sipping on her evening cocktail. Alex declined an invitation to join her for a drink but insisted she accompany him the next day to explore the Botanical Gardens.

Early in the day, Alex and Satin were off on an adventure. It was all innocent until their discussion turned to sex. Surprising herself, she asked in all sincerity, “Is all sex painful?” Taken a back, Alex realized that Satin was in abusive marriage. He felt such compassion for this smart, beautiful woman trapped in the world of domestic violence.

The following day, Linda, Satin’s best friend, discovered that back in California, her husband had been shot by Satin’s husband, Vic. The tragedy occurred shortly after Satin’s husband was served with divorce papers. Linda returned to the States to tend her ailing husband. Satin was determined to continue on her cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia. She felt, now more than ever, she needed to be far away from home for her own safety. Alex was scared for her to travel by herself knowing what her husband was capable of so he changed his travel plans to accompany her.

Fourteen days later when the ship returned to Copenhagen, what began as an innocent friendship had forged into an intimate love affair. Alex was intrigued from the first moment he spotted her at the hotel bar – shattered - lonely, lost and lovely. Satin looked at him and saw a man with compassion, wondering if there was lust buried deep within. Their spirits kindred as they learned that his wounds were scared over while hers were still bleeding. This story of brutalness and redemption gives each character a new Clearer Vision of themselves. Satin had to learn to share her feelings and Alex has to accept what is right before his eyes.

Never in Cayro wildest dream did she think her fantasy man would show up at her front door. Cayro, textile artist, was sewing a shirt commissioned for a famous football player by his sister, She was working away when her doorbell rang. She checked the doorbell camera and saw a big man on the doorstep.  When she answered the door, her heart pounded seeing Chris Wadsworth, an oversized beautiful specimen of man– he was huge standing 6’6”. Cayro invited him in to try on the shirt. When he pulled his shirt off to try on his new shirt, she swooned. He felt the chemistry as well and invited Cayro to his birthday party that evening.

Cayro was fascinated by Chris, his long, light brown hair and expressive blue eyes, His eyes roamed her body up and down. She was just a little thing standing only 5’5”. The romance started quickly and grew. His sister was marrying in Vegas the following weekend and Chris took steps to marry Cayro. It was supposed to be a surprise wedding but as Cayro said to Chris’ sister, Debra -I would have to be dumb and blind as many hints as he dropped to not know we were getting married.

The wedding was rushed because Chis ruptured his ACL.  They flew right after the ceremony to Cleveland to his orthopedic surgeon.  He had a penthouse apartment with a great view of Lake Erie. Suddenly, Cayro was married to the big stud only to become his caregiver like she had done for her mother who died of cancer last year. Her emotions were all over the place. Chris tried not to shove his pain off on her, but it was difficult. He wanted to be the man she married but physically couldn’t which made him emotionally depressed.

Cayro’s saving grace beside her love for Chris, was her work. She was a textile artist who had recently sent her work to a museum in San Francisco. She working on her new creations.

Chris had worked for the Cleveland Browns for eight years and last year before his accident he signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract. He could never play football again after his last surgery then had to sign his final separation contract with the Browns. He had worked for years in high school and college to become one of the league’s premiere linebackers and now his career was ending. But after his signature he knew he would get millions for his new life with his wife.

Cayro helped Chris by putting him to work has her manager. He accepted because he could praise her work to museums and buyers. He set up show dates, crate the artworks up and all the time keeping her ego pumped up.

Join in on their fun and watch Cayro and Chris growth together.

What does it take to keep a relationship going? Hard work, compassion and understanding and love. What happens when there is three in the relationship instead of two? Do all the rules of love still hold true? With Dunlap, Delaney and Davis, first they gave their hearts and as time passes, they worked out the kinks of the new relationship.

Their lives were changed when Jimmy invited Juliette – (Jules for short) to a Welcome to Law School Party. The party was at the home of fellow student and Jimmy’s lover, Declan Davis. That night when Jules met Declan sparks flew. By the mornings light, their naked bodies entwined after a ménage á trois in a king sized, four poster bed. They woke to the feeling that their lives had changed forever. By that afternoon, Jules moved in with Jimmy and Declan and they began setting the ground rules for their new life. Jimmy Dunlap, Juliette Delaney and Declan Davis are people who become partners in life then eventually opening a law firm.

The law firm’s first year of business was filled with searching for clients, researching, marketing and appearing in court. Shortly after the firm’s one year anniversary, Jules gave birth to JD (James Declan). None of them knew who the father was and frankly none of them cared.

As the years past and JD grew, he knew he was loved by his Mommy, Daddy (Declan) and Poppy (Jimmy). Jimmy, Declan and Juliette were reminiscing about the day they name their baby. At that time, Jules insisted everything be equal that all three last names were put on the birth certificate when JD was born. What seemed like an easy decision at that time, now was intricate. JD’s school called and wanted to know if they wanted to shorten his name for convenience. James Declan Dunlap Delaney Davis was a long name for any kid. They decided to let JD pick.

Out of the blue, a tragedy befallen onto them, and hard choices had to be made. Would their unique love relationship end or would they cope the pain and loss? Dunlap, Delaney & Davis had to move forward and create new rules for their lives.

Hillary Light Steps found herself on the Alcan Highway in the Yukon, Canada after dropped off her mother’s ashes for an Aboriginal ceremony in Whitehorse. Her mother arranged this before her death being even though no Native blood was in her. It was too weird to be free of her mother. Finally, Hillary’s felt that her real adventure in the north country beginning. Being unencumbered and free, Hillary could explore what the world have to offer her.

Driving for a few hours on her long way to Fairbanks, Alaska. Hillary was mesmerized by the road when she spotted something in the road up ahead. In the summertime, it never got totally dark which messed with head. Locals warned that mouse and bear like to cross the highway between dusk and dawn so that is what she thought she saw. Now the early morning was breaking she began slowed down. As her distant focus became clear, she couldn’t believe her own eyes... it was grizzly bear with its latest kill in its jaw. Hillary slowed to a stop, approaching the bear with caution, she could not believe her own eyes.  The thing in the bears mouth was a... could it be?  A man! A man’s head!

She laid on the horn and the bear dropped the man and ran off into the bush. She stopped next to the ditch by the side of the road. She opened the door shouting, “Can you make it to the car? Can you stand?”

Hillary slipped out of the car approached the man lying in the ditch. He was covered in blood but blinked his eyes. His slowly opened his mouth whispering, “With your help, I probably can.”

Using all her strength, Hillary dragged the man into the car, reaching across him to put on his seat belt. She covered his fracture s leg with a beach towel, closed the door and began to walk around the car to the driver’s side. Suddenly, the bear charged, coming back across the road. She barely had time to get into the car and slam the door.  The bang of the door startled her passenger. He gently asked if she would retrieve his backpack and other things from the ground in the ditch. Hillary waited for the for the bear to leave and grabbed his stuff. She contact Starlink in her car to asked for help as she drove down the highway. Hillary took out the man’s wallet to find out his name. Sheldon Foote was only twenty-six but right now he looked much older-dirty, badly wounded and bleeding allover her Outback.

Hillary wanted an adventure, but this was too much. This poor young man was fighting for his life. She followed the voice instructions from Starlink which lead her to a waiting helicopter that was going to transported him to a hospital. The paramedic told Hillary to meet them at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. There was no time to wipe blood off the seat, Hillary got back into the car. Without thinking, driving like a bat out of hell, her new life had begun. Hillary drove for hours, all the time hoping the young man would live.

Welcome to Foots Steps in Alaska - from the outdoors to the operating room; from loneliness to love; from grief to joy. Join Hillary Steps and Sheldon Foote for their journey into the depth of their souls.

Kitty Nesmith had always had a best friend since she moved next door to Reed Allen’s family when she was young. Then when the unthinkable happened and her family was killed the Allen family took her in.

Kitty was now twenty-eight small in stature with enormous heart. She was a painter working hard to have a one-woman art show. Her had her own broker’s licensed and investing her inherence. Also, she worked tracking art forgeries for the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Kitty was working when the phone rang. She knew by the ringtone it was Reed calling and felt before she answered the phone that his third marriage was on the rocks. She was right and much to her dismay, he want her to drop everything and fly to Seattle. For the first time in her life she said no to Reed which her feel a bit queasy. He agreed to fly down to see her and his parents at the same time.

Her old Victorian house was under construction leaving only one bedroom available. The two happily shared it as they did many times in the past. The second night they became lovers something she always wanted to happen. In the middle of the best sex or her life, he had a heart attack at thirty.

Did she cause his heart attack? Could she give up her life to tend to Reed? Was this the end of her dreams of taking the art world by storm? What would she do with Thomas Crook declaration of love, her manager at the art gallery? Now she had two men claiming love for her, one sick the other well, one old love and the other new love. What decision would she make?

The Hargroves were a normal family until the walls of their secretive family life came crumbling down. Two tragic accidents changed their lives forever. Both their daughter and son were in a horrific auto accident within days of each other and on opposite ends of the state. Louise stayed and helped Alice her daughter while Hal went back to the ranch to check on the chickens and seeing Harrison after his accident. Now Louise Hargrove who was completely dominated by her husband Hal. Alice could not believe that her mother was never left alone in Arcata.

Louise had never been along. With both of children hospitalized she didn’t know what to do or how to do it. For the first time in her life she had to think. use her brain to figure out her situation. Instead of being told what to do. A policeman Officer, Logan Langley, helped her get across the state to see Harrison, her boy. Harrison was surrounded by Billy Walker, his constant companion and homosexual lover. Billy never left his side. Louise knew of the affair but also knew if they came out of the closet around Hal, he might have kill them both.

Louise was happy that she saw her boy but knew that Alice condition was more serious. Louise left the next day to be with her daughter. After all, Harrison had Billy when Hal wasn’t around.

Both of her children would recover but, in the process, Hal began to suspect that he was losing Louise. In a jealous rage, Hal kidnapped Louise. Officer Logan Langley hot on their heels.  Logan found Hal at the family ranch discovering the discovering the local sheriff shot and the family dog stabbed. After a search, he found with Louise strung up like a side of beef. Hal was using her to test his knife skills…carefully dissecting her without killing her. His evil intention was to her slowly bleed out.

Hal saw Logan and threw a knife at him trying to kill him. Logan let him have both barrels of a shotgun Hitting Hal in the gut. Logan saved Louise, the sheriff and the dog. And became a Hero that day.

Now with Hal out of the way the Hargroves’ would have to find their way in a post-Hal world. Join the survivors on a journey of self-discovery into unchartered territory.

In the year 1903, Captain Shamus Muldune, of the Inner Coastal Queen, meets and falls in love with Martha Strain the same day the clipper ship sailed into the Savannah Harbor. Already estranged from her husband, the next day Martha learned an awful truth about her oldest son. Martha’s world collapsed around her. The Strain family had one less in it by the end of the day as Milton Jr. was taken to the train station His father bought a one-way ticket to California.

Broken, Martha booked passage on the Inner Coastal Queen with her two remaining children bound for New York City. Lon being an enthusiastic fourteen-year-old boy, would work for his passage.  He was on the verge of becoming a man all six feet of him. It was right before she boarded the Inner Coastal Queen that Martha learned her husband, Milton, of 22 years was divorcing her. He would be the adulterer and she would become a divorcee.

Just days into the voyage, Martha’s distraught daughter, Mary Charlotte, jumped overboard and drowned. This drives Martha to the lowest point in her life and she even contemplates suicide. She couldn’t end her life realizing that her actions would leave Lon completely alone.

Shamus helped Martha hang on to her life. After a week of sitting with Mary Charlotte coffin, Martha returned to Savannah; but not before Shamus pronounced his undying love, making Martha more confused than ever. Duty called as Shamus returned to the sea on the Inner Costal Queen with Lon in tow. Lon knew that home would be in an upheaval and yearned for disciplined life of the sea.

Martha had months to think about and pine for Shamus. When Shamus returned and their lip reunited. Martha though there might be a place in his life after all.

JJ McBride’s folly was becoming engaged to one Texan while not remembering being married to another. JJ and Buck Buchanan were married two years earlier in an impulsive alcohol induced pre-dawn wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. But hadn’t seen him since. Out of the blue, Buck showed up standing in the door frame of her office at Kingsley, Foley and Smart (KFS) where JJ ran the oil research department.  JJ was talking on the phone and started to studder as she looked up to see Buck all six foot eight and shiny bald head. At first, she thought he was a mirage. JJ quickly hung up the phone and was in his arm. He pick her up and kissed passionately.

The two were interrupted by JJ’s fiancé, Chuck Ratterson walking in and demanding to know what the hell was going on. Buck who had waited two years for JJ, didn’t stop the kiss but handed Chuck their wedding license. All hell was breaking lose. JJ lost her job and Buck got his JJ on that day.

Within a week both JJ’s parents died. JJJ with a concussion and Buck was in the hospital after having vascular surgery on his penis. The newlyweds were left stunned, broken and confused when Billy Smart of Kingsley, Foley and Smart offered them the chance to become wildcatters. It gave them hope that maybe something good would come out of all the pain and agony they had suffered. Buck insisted they heal and take time to get to know each other before plunging back into the oil business.

Over the next few months they shared their painfully childhood fears and secrets allowing them to grow together like they should have when they were first married. By the time they started drilling they had renew vigor and focus.

Join JJ and Buck on their wild ride through Wyoming and west Texas. They laid their cards on table like five card stud hoping that no one had a better hand than them.

This story that hits all the points of a romance novel: discovering lust, sex, betrayal, pain and lots of MONEY.

Beauford Lacey died after laying in a coma for ten years from a stroke. He passed quietly in the morning of April 2, 1996 in Valhalla, Mississippi. When his will was read, it was discovered that he had left his entire estate to his great-niece, Carolyn Ray O’Brien. The search was on to find her.

Lacey Diamond who was a trail lawyer in Sacramento, California had no idea that she was being stalked. Lacey was a tall redhead with a fiery spirt, and a self -proclaimed longer leaned only on her cat, Ralph. Months before, Lacey met Dr. Jake Milard while representing him and saving his license from being revoked by medical board. They start an affair that led to a swift engagement. One day, Richard Cordell and Rose La Roach who work for Brinks Detective Agency approached Lacey asking if she was Carolyn Ray O’Brien. That question not only sends Lacey in a tailspin but turns her life into a web of decent and lies. Her very life itself was put on the line several times.

Jake tries to protect Lacey, but he has lie upon lie to confess to her. Lacey is a brilliant attorney but is unfamiliar when it comes to the ways of the rich and navigate the affairs of the heart. She ends up unmarried and collecting he inheritance alone. But her numerous wounds and loneliness drives her to forgive Jake taking him back. Jake again puts them in danger all over again. Jake was about to give up when Lacey saved him one last time.

In the end, they pick up the broken, anguished pieces of their lives and build a life together on the foundation of glassy shards that had be pulverized by so many. Join Lacey in the act of self-discovery and Jake on the road of self-forgiveness.

Frank Schumacher and his brother, Parker, were at a club dancing when the DJ announced they were shutting down because Seattle was enacting strict Covid -19 quarantine protocol. The brothers looked at each other and exited the club. Parker was upset because he was vibing with Darcy, a woman he had been dancing with all evening. The brothers went out for breakfast and stopped at an all-night supermarket.

Parker spent the next day ordering cleaning supplies, masks, gloves from Amazon and doing a substantial Costco run. When home, Parker took Spot, his Irish Wolfhound, out for a walk and was shocked by how empty the paths and parks were. He was preoccupied wondering how he could get in touch with Darcy. When he arrived back at his condo, he listened to his answering machine and was delighted to hear voice...Darcy left a message.

Day one of quarantine, Darcy went to Cashmere, Washington to ride out the quarantine with her parents on their apple farm. She spent the first few days talking to Parker on the phone. After just three days, Parker had to have her. So, in a reckless move, he drove the two hours to pick her up. If he had to be quarantine, He wanted to do it with Darcy.  

Darcy had been a high school history teacher who currently did statical analysis for Amazon allowing her to work from home. Parker also worked from home. The two learned to navigate the Covid protocols together. Sadly, Parker’s mother died of Covid-19. They had to empty Parker’s mother’s house. Shortly after that the Schumacher lost their aunt which meant cleaning out another house. However, this time they discover not only priceless artworks but the dark secrets the house contained.

Darcy and Parker’s love grew, and they desperately wanted to get married but in the time of Covid, weddings were not permitted. Covid raged on. Eventually Darcy and Parker married in a utilitarian wedding with his brother who had fallen for Darcy’s best friend, Amber in attendance. Time passed strangely during Covid...weeks turned into months and months turned into a year.

No matter what happen Parker had made the best decision of his life picking up Darcy that day.

Mindy thought that falling in love with Michael as easily as catching a wave on her surfboard. Sadly after a few years of marriage, Michael could not face the tragedy that befell them, ending his own life. After hearing this horrific news, Mindy needed help and went into therapy. Soon Mindy finds herself running away from sunny California to the windy city of Chicago - where she knew no one and believed she could begin a fresh life.

Mindy’s new job as an IT specialist found her going to a convention in Las Vegas. There besides learning all the latest and greatest that computers had to offer, she had a one-night stand with Bobby. He was gorgeous and stayed with her for two days. Mindy loved the sex. They planned their next sexual encounter for him to come to Chicago. She felt very detached from him but was in lust and wanted more her.

When Bobby arrived in Chicago, Mindy had to tell him about her tragedies or else, she felt she would be using him, at least, that is what her psychiatrist told her. He fell in love while she became even more wrapped in fear and anxiety. Sex became their salvation.

Taking a job in Honolulu, she knew Bobby would soon follow. The two months of separation made Mindy realize she was in love with Bobby but couldn’t say the words.  They looked forward to their long-awaited vacation to Italy, discovering their love, wants and needs for the future.

On their flight back to Hawaii the plane hit turbulence as a cosmetic case fell out of the overhead bin hitting Mindy’s face requiring emergency surgery. The surgeon was her sperm-doner father. She was not looking for a father and once again, fear took over but this time, she had Bobby’s love and comfort to guide her. Bobby held on to her tight as their lives spun out of control. The question of survival was their only concern. Would their love be enough to overcome one of life’s most powerful indignities?

Forty-eight-year-old, Mona Lisa Lynnsky was flying home from Australia after finishing her annual research trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The uneventful flight was interrupted when the plane hit a pocket of turbulence and seemingly dropped out of the sky in a nosedive. Mona Lisa remained calm – dead calm - while others around her went into a full-blown panic. In the few moments before the pilot regained control, Mona Lisa had an epiphany about her life.  When it was announced that they would be making an emergency landing in Pago Pago, American Samoa, her future began to come into focus.

As the plane was being evacuated, Mona Lisa was shoved out of the way by a frightened man and severely injured.  She woke up in a strange place in a great deal of pain. Mona Lisa was feeling confused, alone and was worried to deal with her recovery on her own. She laid in the bed regretting her choice to travel alone.  She allowed her husband to stay at home to finish his latest Civil War book. Mona Lisa checked herself into a hotel on the beach, hoping the comfort of the crashing waves would help her recuperate.  It is there Mona Lisa met Thomas Tatupu, a forty-eight year old local hunk of a sculpture with striking aquamarine eyes, who was installing a Tiki on the hotel grounds he had carved.

Thomas and Mona Lisa had an instant connection that quickly lead to an island romance. For the next three weeks, Mona Lisa healed and Thomas was her constant companion.   When the two left the island as a couple, reality set in for Mona Lisa. The mess she had created by taking up with Thomas was real. Would their island tryst endure when life was conspiring to keep them apart? Would Thomas let her go without a fight? Could Mona Lisa hold on to the one thing that made her feel alive?

Trenton Reese Hale was focused on his work demolishing the kitchen of Easton Haliburton when she stormed in and surprised him. He was told the house would be empty for the weekend. She demanded to know who he was and when satisfied with his answer, she let him carry on with his work and she went to bed.

Later Easton came down into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and went out to the pool. She drop the towel revealing her naked body as she unrolled the pool cover naked never realizing Trenton was looking through the kitchen window. Easton dove into the pool as Trent watched and waited for her to come to the surface. But she never did. He ran outside to check on her. She was at the bottom of the pool. Quickly, he took off his tool belt, boots, jeans and dove in to help her.  His first attempt failed but during his second attempt, he managed to grab her under her arms and pushed her to the surface. He dragged her on the cold cement deck and gave her CPR. Hearing the commotion, her father came to the back of the house. After she started breathing, the two men got her to a chase lounge.

Trenton felt bad for manhandling her naked body. He covered her up as she regained consciousness. She was thankful for his help and invited him to attend to a New Year’s Eve Party at the home of Alma Rivers. Shortly after the couple arrived at the party, Easton began coughing up blood while dancing with Graham Hamilton her ex-fiancé. when she having Trent look care of until Ems took over. The EMS thought she a ruptured esophagus.

Easton was operated on while Trenton confessed his new feeling for her to her parents. She survived but not able to speak for ten days. Trenton was at her side, but it was harrowing time in the hospital when she could speak. As soon as she was allowed to speak, Easton asked Trenton to marry her. Of course, his answer was yes.

Join Trenton and Easton on her wellness recovery and their travels to part unknown as they get to know each other and the world around them.

One bitterly cold morning, Robin Roberts was going to catch the tram downtown, when at the same time she reached for the handle so did Curtis Cummings V, AKA, Skippy. At that moment, the tram buckled throwing them on the icy cement. Robin landed on top of Curtis, and both laid on the cold ground in terrible pain. He broke is kneecap as she broke open her hip. To keep Robin calm, Curtis started to flirt with Robin. He took off his glove touching her soft hair. Just to touch her gave him hope.

An older good-looking man came into Robin’s ER room and talked with her. He was Skippy’s grandfather. He was just as flirty as his grandson. They were joined by Skippy’s grandmother and the conversation continued about skippy.  As their hospital stay continued, Skippy and Robin became more captivated by each other. Susan asked Robin to move into the Cummings Estate so she could be properly taken care of. Grams did not think it was good for Robin to recover alone. Not only did Grams and Gramps move Robin out of her apartment and they set her up to work for the family business. They wanted Robin to be close to Skippy so the two could be happy.

Their unlikely meeting at the tram transform them into a couple. The press dubbed them the Romanic in the Ice Storm couple. He came from a family of wealth, and she had to earn her way through life. The hardest part was having romance was no sex.

Robin and Skippy kept forging ahead and they started to believe happiness was theirs. Were they right or wrong? Was the Romanic in the Ice Storm couple are they bendable or breakable? Find out?

The Darling Ranch has been in existence since the early 1900’s and has grown to over ten thousand acers. The founders proud Irish immigrants would roll over in their graves knowing that their sons were fighting with each other, and their daughter would chose whatever side benefitted her. The disintegration of the family and land would leave a lasting scar on Montana history.

Dar Darling was the last of the Darlings’. He fell off a roof in the dead of winter fracturing his spine and landing in the hospital for months. After a long, difficult recuperation, Dar decided to travel and found his travel companion, Ursula Redding in Greece. Traveling together for two years. He found out his mother had died; Dar knew he had to go back to the ranch and deal with the land...and the family. Knowing the uncertainly he faced back at the ranch, he held on to the thing he was sure of…marrying Ursula Redding.

Dar’s mother, Doreen, left him the largest share of the ranch. She also made it abundantly clear that she wanted the ranch sold upon her death. Going against his mother’s wishes Dar wanted to change the ownership structure into a corporation and hold onto the ranch. At twenty-eight years old, Dar dreamed of life being free from the land and the family drama that came with it. However, the reality was that land had a stranglehold around his neck. Ursula being a faithful friend and now wife, had no idea what was in store for them until the reading of the will.

To Ursula, Dar had always been a little timid but something fundamental had change in him once they got married. Dar became stronger, surer and a much better lover than before. Ursula never dreamed the land would put them in real danger…people wanted to kill them. Join Dar and Ursula on their adventure to defeat their enemy.

Muriel Murdock woke to find herself injured from an explosion at the house next door to where she was staying at an unfamiliar flophouse. With a slice of wood in her hip which she soon removed then made her way to the hospital, where she was a nursing student, to tend to her own wounds. Leaving for the weekend, her friend Ralph, offered her a place to rest and recuperate. Upon his return three days later Muriel’s wounds were infected and she was in need immediate surgery.

Detective Chance Martin, with the Portland Oregon Police Department, came to question Muriel about the explosion. He found himself drawn to this waif like creature who was scared that the explosion might have been meant for her. She was vulnerable and defiant and the more he learned about her, the less he knew.

Muriel was attracted to the big strapping detective and his caring ways. They drew closer with each surgery and set back Muriel experienced while being nursed back to health. Would Chance discover her secrets? Would it put his life in danger? Could he protect her life or would he fail? Would mayhem be the law of the land or could they find peace in such a cruel world?

Grieving Elisabeth Wainwright (60) hiking in Glacier National Park met Franz Joseph (22)  as her husband was dying of ALS. Franz Joseph with his own secrets comforted her through the final days of her husband’s illness.  It was a strange friendship at first that bloomed into love. From their chance encounter until his death twenty-five years later they were inseparable companions and lovers.

On a cold dreary night, Gorman Singh picked up two people in his cab at the warehouse district. He normally wouldn’t bother but tonight, with its bitter coldness, he had a soft spot. The tall figure helped the shorter one into the backseat of the taxi throwing in a twenty-dollar-bill into the front seat. The taller figure slammed the door and ran off down the alley. The person in the back slumped and Gorman saw black and blue on her thighs and blood running down her body. He contacted dispatch and then went to Physician’s hospital.

Dr. Ron Rico Smith exanimated the unresponsive Jane Doe. They performed a rape kit and admitted Jane into the hospital. Dr. Smith spoke with the two detectives who had been waiting for hours. Sylvia Preston, lead detective from the Sex Crimes Unit, was not only interested in the details of the case but in the doctor himself. They had mutual lust which both knew was totally inappropriate. While investigating the heinous torture and rape, Dr. Ron Rico Smith falls for the lead detective. They pursue each other as Sylvia investigates the rapists and Dr. Smith continues to heal his patient.

Both work hard on the patient and the case. The situation got more complex when Sylvia goes from investigator to crime victim and Dr. Smith changes from detached clinician to an anguished, caring partner. Sylvia, unlike Jane Doe, knew her attacker. Being rape by her own strung-out brother thrown her family into the cesspool of rape and all the tragic aftermath.

Sylvia has layers of responsibility to dig through to fine her sanity while trying to keep the embers of lust from dying out with Ron Rico. Join them on their exploration of love and hate; pain and pleasure; truth and fiction. How do people who have seen and done so much find their happiness instead of fleeting moment grief or ecstasy.

Trudy Lang was sitting on an airplane bound for LAX. The couple next to her had been moved as she wondered what the hell, was happening. She waited another twenty minutes as she and the other passengers were getting restless. Then in a whirlwind a man with a long black beard and hair came sitting next to her.  The stewardess told him to strap down his ice chest the best he could and then the plane took off. The man got up after take-off and when he returned, he was completely different. No more beard and his hair comb and tied back. Trudy didn’t want to stare but he looked over and said, “Yes, I’m the same man. I just shaved off my beard. I am Adam Goodspeed. I am returning from Antarctica.” She smiled at him - too brightly – clearly, she liked what she saw, “I am Trudy Lang returning from India.” He even looked favorably on her multi-colored hair.

During the next eleven hours, the two talked and laughed like old friends. Trudy had no set plans upon her arrival in LA so when Adam asked her to stay in his beach front condo, she took him up on his offer. He worked on his dissertation, and she became his proof reader. They had dated but finally had sex Christmas morning and their love was official.

Trudy understood her parents were different but when they show up on Christmas, sparks flew. Knowing your parents had hatred in their souls but condemning her and Adam from loving each other to his family was heart destroying.

The hate mail and paint splashed cars started the next week while the two were in Paris celebrating their engagement.  The FBI was called in to investigate. Trudy kept telling everyone that the wedding was going to be a disaster, but no one believed her. They continued planning this big elaborate wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Adam was so convinced nothing was wrong, so made love to her on the morning of their wedding.

What is the old adage, Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt me? The disaster that occurred changed Trudy and Adam’s world forever. Trust, parental love, and any self-confidence was blown away by an act of such viciousness that they are still trying to recover and rebuild their life.

Romance novels end with “I do” and “Happily Ever After” and that’s where my books begin.

  • A life of contrasts
  • Southern Californian by birth – Pacific Northwest woman by choice
  • From a sawmill green chain puller to a church office manager
  • World traveler and adventurer – from backpacking in Africa to traveling alone in India to up-scale cruising in the Mediterranean
  • Survivor of both Breast Cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To become an appreciator of life.

Marlette Bess was born and raised on the sunny southern California coast. By her early twenties she found herself alone with no family and fulfilled a lifelong desire for adventure and travel.

Her impetuous naïveté and shoe string budget lead her to Israel where she worked long hard hours on a kibbutz to save cash for further travel. On her own she ventured on to Europe, no longer innocent about the ways of the world.

With her travel mate/future husband the next big journey was to Africa. They crossed the Sahara Desert to West Africa from Nigeria to Senegal in the drought of 1973.

While others were celebrating the 1976 bicentennial, they were on a bus loaded with people, pigs and parcels, traveling through Central America.

Marlette has lived in California, Oregon and Montana. Her travels have taken her to many parts of the world: Thailand, Turkey, India, Burma, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, American Samoa, and much of Europe. Through her many world travels, she has developed a renewed interest in the beauty and mystery of North America.

She writes Romance/Contemporary Fiction with strong female leads focusing on relationships.