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Completed Novel – Dr. Laird MacMasters was coming out of Brazil after completely a four year research study in the Iaco River District. As he made his way up the tributaries of the Amazon, he dreamed of food – mounds and mounds of gourmet food…with a beautiful woman on top. The last four months had made him realize he missed spending time with a woman…not just for sex but for love and companionship.

Laird boarded the Holland American Prinsendam in Manaus to return to the States. After settling in, he finally had time to read his emails and make some calls. Learning his mother had died of lung cancer, he fell apart on the upper deck with only brandy as solace.

He found comfort with a former fashion model, Lillian Hensley, who appeared like an angel in a white gown. They had drinks and sex that night and in the morning, he found his angel had feet of clay and was also a drug addict trying to kick her habit.

For days, he watched her suffer as she went through a terrible detox. In a whirlwind of pain and passion, they were married 10 days later. Coming back to the states she had to turn here attention to her life that she let slip away as a drug addict. The stress of Lillian’s life would normally be enough for her turn back to her old habits but Laird kept her focused by his love and devotion.

Did Lillian have the determination to remain clean and sober? Did Laird have enough love to see her through her trials and tribulations? Would they let life rip them apart or would they believe in each other enough to overcome the pressures of the world?

Completed Novel - Ruby Rutledge 50 went to find Miracle Mud a cure for cellulite in the Costa Rican Mangrove Forest. He late husband knew of its existence. She needed a new challenge in her life and this would be her quest. She needed help from Dr. Alexander Symmington 35 world famous Botanist from the University of Chicago. She would ask for his help in exchange she would help fund his research.

Her trip to the mangrove forest was long and difficult but she made it when her guide dropped her off at the camp of her six day journey at dusk. The only thing Ruby could see was a campfire as she called out for Dr. Symmington only got a smart-ass answer, who wants to know. She thought he gets a whole lot of visitors out her in the middle of nowhere. She explained who she was as he jumped up and ran towards her realizing it was a stranger. Ruby tripped and stumbled over a log. He held out his hand to help her up when a spark passed between them. She looked into his eyes as he helped her up to see how young, lean and handsome he was. He looked in her jungle green eyes to see the epitome of womanhood.

Their journey of lust and adventure in the jungle lasted most of the summer until a hurricane came barreling down on top of them. Could they survive the storm or could they survive the aftermath? After such an intense love affair survive would the trauma of being alone be too much?

The Spark is now available at Kindle

A tall and handsome lawyer, Dingo Way, was sitting with his father, Wayne, when mid-conversation, the elder Mr. Way’s eyes rolled back and he was dead. Dingo had thought he would have more time with his dad and, in shock, in an attempt to drown his sorrows, he found himself at the door of Casey’s Bar. He took the only empty seat, which happened to be next to Bernadette Lucas, a lonely physical therapist. An intense conversation between them, helped along with some beers and tequila shots, was followed by a morning of clear, unadulterated sexual pleasure. As their budding relationship flourished, Dingo and Bernadette faced many adversities including death and heartbreak, fears and old wounds. Would each struggle pull them closer together and forge an unbreakable bond…or would the weight of it be more than their relationship could bear?  See my Videos about this book.

Way's Way is now available at Kindle

(Under African Skies) – A chance encounter in Africa between two unlikely people quickly leads to romance and marriage. Solo traveler, Sunny Franklin (43) and a bush pilot, Jamie Bevins (28) were caught in a whirlwind of passion. On their first month anniversary Jamie discovers a lump in Sunny’s breast. Their desperate quest to conquer breast cancer and return to Africa takes them on a journey of self discovery.  See my Videos about this book.

Into The Bush is now available at Kindle

(Conversations between Christian Grey and Dr. John Flynn) - Completed novel - based on the characters from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E L James. Christian Grey was a beautiful formidable businessman who could charm his way through life with such ease that no one suspected the dark torment that ruled his life. He controlled his image and crafted it into an impenetrable armor until thin young Anastasia Steel wearing her Walmart clothes awkwardly stumbled into his office.  At that moment Christian Grey’s life started to unravel like a roll of toilet paper leaving his very core exposed.  See my Videos about this book.

The Real Christian Grey has been posted on FanFiction.net

Completed novel - Lacey Diamond, a young California attorney is being pursued by Louisiana private detective Richard Cordell. If Lacey’s identity could be confirmed to be the heir of the late Beauford Lacey, she would be entitled to a multi-million dollar estate. Following her spur of the moment romance and engagement to Dr. Jake Milard, Lacey discovers that Jake is among many people who are trying to find Beauford Lacey’s heir with their own agenda in mind.

Completed novel – While investigating the heinous torture and rape of a Jane Doe, Sylvia Preston lead detective from the Sex Crimes Unit, falls for Dr. Ron Rico Smith who is treating the rape victim.  They pursue each other as Sylvia investigates the rapists and Dr. Smith continues to heal his patient. After Sylvia goes from investigator to victim because of her own brutal rape, Ron Rico switches from detached clinician to an anguished caring partner.

Completed novel - JJ McBride’s folly was becoming engaged to one Texan while not remembering being married to another. JJ and Buck Buchanan were married two years prior in an impulsive alcohol induced pre-dawn wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. Buck barged back into her life, shoved the married certificate in her face, and claimed his role as her husband.  JJ’s goal of becoming an owner of an oil wildcatter company was soon realized with Buck at her side, but the dream she wanted soon turned into a nightmare. She put their jobs and relationship at risk while drilling the well-from-hell on her own land in Midland, Texas.

Completed novel - On a flight from London to Los Angles Trudy Lang decided to take seatmate Adam Goodspeed’s offer of a place to stay until she decided what to she wanted to do with her life. As roommates Adam worked on his PhD in forensic meteorology and Trudy proofread his dissertation. Living in such close proximity, Trudy’s attraction to Adam’s dark rugged looks led them to a budding romance. When the two families met for the first time Trudy soon realized that her parent’s underlying bigotry had morphed into extreme religious zealotry.

Completed novel – Grieving Elisabeth Wainwright (60) hiking in Glacier National Park met Franz Joseph (22)  as her husband was dying of ALS. Franz Joseph with his own secrets comforted her through the final days of her husband’s illness.  It was a strange friendship at first that bloomed into love. From their chance encounter until his death twenty-five years later they were inseparable companions and lovers.

Completed novel – Fun-loving surfer chick Mindy Melon discovered she had married her half-brother, Michael. After she fled Southern California for the anonymity of Chicago, Mindy discovered that she could not out run her past.  Her life was changed by two men, psychiatrist Dr. Calvin Kelton and Bobby Weston who challenged her into loving him.

Completed novel – Forty-eight-year-old, Mona Lisa Lynnsky was flying home from Australia after finishing her annual research trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The uneventful flight was interrupted when the plane hit a pocket of turbulence and seemingly dropped out of the sky in a nosedive. Mona Lisa remained calm – dead calm - while others around her went into a full-blown panic. In the few moments before the pilot regained control, Mona Lisa had an epiphany about her life.  When it was announced that they would be making an emergency landing in Pago Pago, American Samoa, her future began to come into focus.

As the plane was being evacuated, Mona Lisa was shoved out of the way by a frightened man and severely injured.  She woke up in a strange place in a great deal of pain. Mona Lisa was feeling confused, alone and was worried to deal with her recovery on her own. She laid in the bed regretting her choice to travel alone.  She allowed her husband to stay at home to finish his latest Civil War book. Mona Lisa checked herself into a hotel on the beach, hoping the comfort of the crashing waves would help her recuperate.  It is there Mona Lisa met Thomas Tatupu, a forty-eight year old local hunk of a sculpture with striking aquamarine eyes, who was installing a Tiki on the hotel grounds he had carved.

Thomas and Mona Lisa had an instant connection that quickly lead to an island romance. For the next three weeks, Mona Lisa healed and Thomas was her constant companion.   When the two left the island as a couple, reality set in for Mona Lisa. The mess she had created by taking up with Thomas was real. Would their island tryst endure when life was conspiring to keep them apart? Would Thomas let her go without a fight? Could Mona Lisa hold on to the one thing that made her feel alive?

Finished novel - 1903 in Savannah Georgia, Captain Shamus Muldune of the Inner Coastal Queen meets and falls in love with Martha Strain. Already estranged from her husband, Martha learned an awful truth about her oldest son and her world collapsed around her. She booked passage on the Inner Coastal Queen with her two remaining children bound for New York City. When her distraught daughter jumped overboard and drowned. Shamus helped Martha build her life.

Completed Novel - An apology from Alex Greenbrier over a noisy late night arrival to Satin Vickers who graciously accepted while having her evening cocktail at their hotel. Alex invited Satin to the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens while her friend Linda went on boat tour. It was all innocent until they got into a discussion about sex. She asked in all sincerity, “Is all sex painful?” It didn’t take him long to realize that she was in abusive marriage. He felt compassion for a woman only six years older than had been trapped in a world of domestic violence.

Linda discovered her husband had been shot by Satin’s husband when he was served divorce papers. Linda returned to the States. Satin was determined to continue traveling on her cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia, alone if necessary. With a murderous husband on the loose, Alex wanted to protect her. He made arrangement to travel with Satin.  She was drawn to his strength. When the ship return to Copenhagen they had forged a friendship that turned into a full blown love affair. He was intrigued from the first moment he saw her at the bar, lonely, lost and lovely.

This story of brutalness and redemption gives each character a clearer vision of themselves. Satin had to learn to share her feelings and Alex had to accept what was right before his eyes.

Completed novel - What does it take to keep a relationship going? Hard work for one. Secondly, compassion and understanding and thirdly, love. What happens when there is three in the relationship instead of two? Do all the rules still hold true? With Dunlap, Delaney and Davis, they gave their hearts first and then, as time passes, they work the kinks out of the new relationship.

Their lives were changed when Juliette, Jules for short, was invited by Jimmy to a Welcome to Law School Party at Parkland Estates, owned by fellow student and Jimmy’s lover, Declan Davis. That night when Jules met Declan sparks flew. By the mornings light, their naked bodies entwined after a ménage á trois in a king sized, four poster bed. They woke to the feeling that their lives had changed forever. By that afternoon, Jules moved in with Jimmy and Declan and they began setting the ground rules for their new life. Jimmy Dunlap, Juliette Delaney and Declan Davis are people who become partners in life and then open a law firm upon graduation from Tulane University and passing the bar.

The law firm’s first year of business was filled with getting clients, doing their own research, marketing and appearing in court. Shortly after the firm’s first year anniversary, Jules gave birth to JD (James Declan). None of them knew who the father was and frankly none of them cared.

As the years past and JD grew, he knew he was loved by his Mommy, Daddy (Declan) and Poppy (Jimmy). They were reminiscing about that night, eight years before, when their lives changed to the current problem of JD last name. Jules insisted that all three last names were put on the birth certificate when he was born. What seemed like an easy decision at that time, now was complex.

JD’s school called and wanted to know if they wanted to shorten his name for convenience sake. James Declan Dunlap Delaney Davis was a long name for any kid. They decided to let JD pick.

Out of the blue, a tragedy befell them and hard choices had to be made. Would their unique love relationship end or would they cope the pain and loss? Dunlap, Delaney & Davis had to live on and continue to create the rules of their lives.

Completed Novel – Kitty Nesmith didn’t remember a time when Reed Allen wasn’t her best friend. It all began when her family moved in next door to his when they were young. When the unthinkable happened and her family was killed, she moved in with the Allen’s.

Now twenty-eight, Kitty was a cute, petite woman with a generous heart. Her multifaceted background showed in her work life.  Her artistic self was fed by her daily painting readying for an upcoming one-woman art exhibit. Her analytical side thrived being a licensed stock broker. She paid the bills by working for the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Kitty didn’t hear the first couple of rings of the phone, she knew by the ringtone it was Reed. She picked up the phone and snapped a hello. Reed was crying on the phone over his third marriage hitting the rocks, begging her to fly to Seattle. For the first time in her life, she said no. Reed was shocked by her response so he quickly agreed to fly down to see her.

Rushing after work, Kitty picked Reed up from the airport and they went directly to majestic Victorian home which was being remodeled leaving only one functioning bedroom…which they shared. By night two, they became lovers - something she had always wanted. But as quickly as their affair started, he collapsed of a heart attack.

Shocked, Kitty pondered. Did she cause his heart to fail by having sex? Could she give up her life to tend to Reed for the long-term? When Thomas Crook, the gallery manager, found out about Reed, he declared his feelings for Kitty. Now she had two men who wanted her - Reed - the three time loser or the possibly of true love with a younger man. What decision would make her blissfully happy and fulfill her dreams of taking the art world by storm?

Completed Novel - Muriel Murdock woke to find herself injured from an explosion at the house next door to where she was staying at an unfamiliar flophouse. With a slice of wood in her hip which she soon removed then made her way to the hospital, where she was a nursing student, to tend to her own wounds. Leaving for the weekend, her friend Ralph, offered her a place to rest and recuperate. Upon his return three days later Muriel’s wounds were infected and she was in need immediate surgery.

Detective Chance Martin, with the Portland Oregon Police Department, came to question Muriel about the explosion. He found himself drawn to this waif like creature who was scared that the explosion might have been meant for her. She was vulnerable and defiant and the more he learned about her, the less he knew.

Muriel was attracted to the big strapping detective and his caring ways. They drew closer with each surgery and set back Muriel experienced while being nursed back to health. Would Chance discover her secrets? Would it put his life in danger? Could he protect her life or would he fail? Would mayhem be the law of the land or could they find peace in such a cruel world?

Romance novels end with “I do” and “Happily Ever After” and that’s where my books begin.

  • A life of contrasts
  • Southern Californian by birth – Pacific Northwest woman by choice
  • From a sawmill green chain puller to a church office manager
  • World traveler and adventurer – from backpacking in Africa to traveling alone in India to up-scale cruising in the Mediterranean
  • Survivor of both Breast Cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To become an appreciator of life.

Marlette Bess was born and raised on the sunny southern California coast. By her early twenties she found herself alone with no family and fulfilled a lifelong desire for adventure and travel.

Her impetuous naïveté and shoe string budget lead her to Israel where she worked long hard hours on a kibbutz to save cash for further travel. On her own she ventured on to Europe, no longer innocent about the ways of the world.

With her travel mate/future husband the next big journey was to Africa. They crossed the Sahara Desert to West Africa from Nigeria to Senegal in the drought of 1973.

While others were celebrating the 1976 bicentennial, they were on a bus loaded with people, pigs and parcels, traveling through Central America.

Marlette has lived in California, Oregon and Montana. Her travels have taken her to many parts of the world: Thailand, Turkey, India, Burma, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, American Samoa, and much of Europe. Through her many world travels, she has developed a renewed interest in the beauty and mystery of North America.

She writes Romance/Contemporary Fiction with strong female leads focusing on relationships.